12 Praxitelous Str.,
Athens 105 61
Tel.: 210 3243961
Fax: 210 3233911
Apollonos 40,
Vouliagmeni 166 71
Tel.: 210 8902000
Fax: 210 8962582


The Astir Palace Resort at Vouliagmeni, is only a half hour's drive from Athens. It is built on a pine-grown promontory bathed by the clear, turquoise waters of hte Saronic Gulf a location that is generally acknowledgedas the most beautiful in Attica. The Resort is owned by the National Bank of Greece, the country's leading financial institution, and is operated by the Astir Hotel Company which over the years, has become renowned for its consistent dedication to the highest standards in hotel-keeping.
The three hotels on the promontory have been built in such a way as to blend with the natural enviroment and take full advantage of the magnificent view over the sea and the surrounding landscape.
The ARION, the NAFSIKA and the APHRODITE are fully equiped to satisfy the audio-visual, secretarial, simultaneous translation and telecommunications requirements of any modern congress, conference or meeting and can host receptions of up to 1500 persons. Every year, the Astir Palace Resort is chosen for an ever growing number of such functions. In 1996, an added feature to the convention facilities was ISDN lines (Integrated Services Digital Network), installed at the Resort's conference rooms which makes it possible to hold teleconferences and allows the simultaneous transmission of voice, data, text and video.
Another feature of the Resort is an entertainment group with animators and perfomers who put on shows and theme parties. They organise "happenings" in all three hotels and at all times of the day.
Finally, the Resort is fully equiped for tennis and for sea sports of all kinds such as water-skiing, winsurfing, paragliding and others. At the end of their stay, most guests at the Astir Palace Resort tell us they have enjoyed a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

ARION Astir Palace
NAFSIKA Astir Palace
APHRODITE Astir Palace

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